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Shankara Buildpro Received Award From Parryware -2019群英会顺三的技巧,群英会牛人技巧,福彩群英会害死多少人

Posted: Sep 13, 2019     Place: Bangalore

Shankara Buildpro Received Best Retail Management 2019 Award From Parryware India

Shankara records fabulous Jaquar sales - wins 4 awards群英会顺三的技巧,群英会牛人技巧,福彩群英会害死多少人

Posted: July 26, 2019     Place: Bangalore

Shankara Buildpro, a platinum dealer of Jaquar, recorded a fast-paced growth for the Jaquar range of products for the last financial year. Jaquar is celebrating 60 years of manufacturing excellence as a complete bathroom solutions provider.

Customer Meets across Shankara Buildpro Stores 群英会顺三的技巧,群英会牛人技巧,福彩群英会害死多少人

Shankara Buildpro conducted customer meets at its various outlets. Varied range of customers attended the meet including Plumbers, Engineers, Electricals Contractors and Civil Contractors. Our customers were trained on various products as well as given an update on our brand.

Plumbers & Customers meet across Shankara stores 群英会顺三的技巧,群英会牛人技巧,福彩群英会害死多少人

Posted: April 05, 2019     Place: Bangalore

Shankara Buildpro conducted a series of customer meets at its various outlets. The purpose of the meets is to build a stronger relationship with our customers.

Shankara Buildpro launches Havells Galaxy showroom群英会顺三的技巧,群英会牛人技巧,福彩群英会害死多少人

Posted: Feb 28, 2019     Place: Mysore

Shankara Buildpro launched its first Havells Galaxy showroom in Mysore in its Hinkal Ring Road store. The launch of the showroom marks a key brand addition to the wide range of categories available at the store.

Shankara Buildpro upgrades retail store in Calicut群英会顺三的技巧,群英会牛人技巧,福彩群英会害死多少人

Posted: Feb 7, 2019     Place: Calicut

Shankara Buildpro has upgraded its retail store in Vengali, Calicut. This upgrades adds to the range of products that Shankara Buildpro can now offer its customers. The first stage of the upgrade includes categories like taps & faucets, sanitaryware and tiles.

Shankara Buildpro launches Jaquar Display Showroom群英会顺三的技巧,群英会牛人技巧,福彩群英会害死多少人

Posted: Jan 30, 2019     Place: Bengaluru

Shankara Buildpro launched its first Jaquar Display Showroom (JDS) in Bengaluru in its Veerasandra retail store. The inauguration was attended by over 80 customers as well as the senior executives from Jaquar and Shankara.

Plumbers, Contractors, Fabricators meet across Shankara stores群英会顺三的技巧,群英会牛人技巧,福彩群英会害死多少人

Posted: Dec 29, 2018     Place: Multiple

Shankara Buildpro conducted Plumbers and Contractors Meet across its various stores in Bengaluru. It was a meeting held to showcase the wide range of products it has on offer.

Shankara Buildpro undertakes customer outreach program群英会顺三的技巧,群英会牛人技巧,福彩群英会害死多少人

Posted: Dec 17, 2018     Place: Multiple

Shankara Buildpro is undertaking a focused customer outreach program. It is reaching the customers through a number of modes. Key customers like architects and interior designers are being proactively met.

Shankara declares Q2 FY 19 results群英会顺三的技巧,群英会牛人技巧,福彩群英会害死多少人

Posted: Nov 9, 2018     Place: Bangalore

Shankara Building Products Limited declared its Q2 FY 19 results on 9th November, 2018. The key highlights of the results are as follows:

  • Consolidated revenue grew by 23% for H1 FY 19
  • The retail segment revenues grew by 37% and the comparable sales growth stood at 18%
  • Retail segment now contributes to 52% of overall revenues

Shankara co-sponsors CAI 2018 event群英会顺三的技巧,群英会牛人技巧,福彩群英会害死多少人

Posted: Sept 17, 2018     Place: Chennai

Construction Architecture Interior Design (CAI) event expo was held at Chennai between 14th to 16th September 2018. Shankara Buildprowas the co-sponsor for the event. The event was held at Chennai Trade Centre and was visited by more than 6,000 people.

Shankara launches new store in Hyderabad群英会顺三的技巧,群英会牛人技巧,福彩群英会害死多少人

Posted: Sept 2, 2018     Place: Hyderabad

Shankara Buildpro launched its new retail store at Nagole, Hyderabad. With this Shankara Buildpro has marked its entry in the new product categories in the Telangana region.

Shankara sponsors CREDAI EXPO群英会顺三的技巧,群英会牛人技巧,福彩群英会害死多少人

Posted: Jul 21, 2018     Place: Chennai

Credai Expo 2018 edition was held at Chennai on 20th and 21st July. The event received a good response which was spread across two days. There were various other participants who had put up their stalls.

Participate in BUILD TECH – 2018群英会顺三的技巧,群英会牛人技巧,福彩群英会害死多少人

Posted: Jul 20, 2018     Place: Hospet

Shankara Buildpro is happy to announce its latest scheme offer “Build with Buildpro“. The scheme is valid across our wide range of product categories which includes TMT, Cement, Electrical Wires, Plywood, Plumbing, Sanitaryware, Flooring, Lighting, Accessories etc.

Participate in AGRI INTEX – 2018群英会顺三的技巧,群英会牛人技巧,福彩群英会害死多少人

Posted: Jul 16, 2018     Place: Coimbatore

Agri Intex 2018 event was held at Coimbatore from 13th to 16th July 2018. It was a joint collaboration between Shankara Building Products Ltd. and Vishakha Irrigation Pvt Ltd. The response received was good with over 100 customers visiting our stall.

BUILD WITH BUILDPRO Scheme群英会顺三的技巧,群英会牛人技巧,福彩群英会害死多少人

Posted: May 30, 2018     Place: Bengaluru

Shankara is happy to announce its latest scheme offer “Build with Buildpro“. The scheme is valid across our wide range of product categories which includes TMT, Cement, Electrical Wires, Plywood, Plumbing, Sanitaryware, Flooring, Lighting, Accessories etc.

Takes over operations of JP Sanitation群英会顺三的技巧,群英会牛人技巧,福彩群英会害死多少人

Posted: Jan 31, 2018     Place: Bengaluru

We have taken over operations of 3 stores of JP Sanitation in Bengaluru, Karnataka. This will strengthen our presence in new product categories of plumbing, sanitaryware and Tiles. JP Sanitation has been in existence for more than 30 years.

Takes over operations of Vaigai Sanitation群英会顺三的技巧,群英会牛人技巧,福彩群英会害死多少人

Posted: Nov 12, 2017     Place: Chennai

Shankara Building Products Limited a leading organized retailer of home improvement and building products in India, has added three more stores in Chennai by taking over the stores of leading Tiles and Sanitaryware retailer, Vaigai Sanitation.

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